Woodchurch Parish Council

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Friday 22 July 2016

Two sites have been put forward in the Draft Local Plan: one is in Front road and one in Lower Road. It was agreed to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting on July 15 at 7pm to discuss the council’s response to Ashford Borough Council.

The clerk was asked to write again to Shepherd Neame to ask them to cut the hedge along the boundary of the Bonny Cravat and the Six Bells as it is growing across the path and also to contact highways to ask for spare chippings to put along Stoney Lane.

The clerk was also asked to request a chevron on the sharp corner going out of the village at Brook Street.

Mr Wood reported that there are concerns about the trees on The Green as one has bleeding canker. He will ask Mr Carey from Hadlow College to look at it.

The clerk was also asked to write to Woodchurch Cricket club to ask why they are charging the newly formed Woodchurch Football Club £500 a year.

Councillors agreed to include £500 in the budget for 2016/7 as a donation to the PCC towards grass cutting in the churchyard.

The defibrillator has been installed at Shirkoak Park.