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Development in Woodchurch

UPDATE 1 June 2014

The documents about village development have been submitted by the Parish Clerk to Ashford Borough Council and are available to view now on this website.

Welcome to the Woodchurch Parish Council website

This website is for people who would like to know about the work of the Parish Council in Woodchurch, Kent and includes the names and addresses of Parish, Borough and County Councillors, together with contact details for our Parish Clerk.

There is information about Parish Council meetings, including agendas and minutes. There are also documents relating to the activities of the Council and some information about parish and local history records.

For information about services in the village and a guide to events, local groups and businesses please visit the website of the Woodchurch Community Information Centre.

The Parish Council welcomes ideas and comments from members of the Woodchurch community about issues of concern or interest. If you would like to get in touch please contact any of the Parish Councillors direct.

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