Development in Woodchurch

UPDATE 28 October 2015

Sites submissions meeting Thursday 22 October: Download and read the meeting notes

UPDATE 18 October 2015

Ashford Borough Council and Woodchurch Parish Council are holding a housing sites submissions consultation meeting on Thursday 22 October at 7.00pm in the Woodchurch Memorial Hall Annexe.


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Key issues arising from Housing Advisory Sub Committee findings
    • Understanding Housing Supply targets with reference to National Policy Planning Framework Section 55/56 & village sustainability (Ashford Borough Council)
    • Community needs – the implications of the Inspectors report findings for WOOD1 on housing mix (Chris Stafford – Woodchurch Village Association)
    • Infrastructure – especially traffic flows & choking points ( Rob Woods)
    • Housing sites submissions – Benefits & Risks to the village (Public discussion)
    • Borough Council facilitation of Neighbourhood Planning & Community Land Trust developments (Ashford Borough Council)


UPDATE 23 July 2015

Click on the link below to download the draft report of the Parish Council’s Housing Advisory Sub Committee. To be discussed at the meeting of the Parish Council on Friday 24 July.

Draft report: Housing Advisory Sub Committee

UPDATE 15 June 2015

The Parish Council would like to have an up-to-date and clear view of residents’ feelings about potential developments in the village and the village’s future direction.  To facilitate that, a new Advisory Committee has been established to undertake opinion surveys and prepare a report for consideration by the full Parish Council at its regular meeting on 24th July 2015. Three meetings to discuss site submissions in the village will be held in June and July and all residents potentially affected by them are invited to attend (more details in letter below).

Read the letter from Rob Woods – Chairman, Housing Advisory Committee

Download future housing impact survey – please print, complete and return to Woodchurch Community Information Centre by 5pm on 20 July

UPDATE 10 December 2014

Ashford Borough Council has shortlisted sites in Woodchurch that may be appropriate to allocate for general demand housing developing in the Borough’s Local Plan to 2030. Click the link below to see the letter from Ashford Borough Council:

Shortlisted sites – Letter from Ashford Borough Council

UPDATE 1 June 2014

The Parish Council would like to thank all residents who gave feedback on the two documents prepared for Ashford Borough Council regarding the sites submitted for potential development in the village.

The feedback has been reflected in the final versions of the documents which were sent to Ashford Borough Council on Friday 30 May by the Parish Clerk. The documents can be downloaded here:

Woodchurch residents’ comments in full

Woodchurch Parish Council summary and direction

On 28 May the Parish Council was notified of a new site submission for land in Appledore Road (WS44). At the same time Ashford Borough Council informed the Parish Council that the site the submission process is now closed and no further submissions will be accepted for inclusion within the 2014 Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment. The Borough Council is planning to publish the Assessment in late summer and will include the Council’s technical assessment of each site.

A summary of each site submission and a map showing the location of each site can be found on the Ashford Borough Council website.